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Student Board of Directors

Established in the 2023-2024 FIRST in Show season, the Student Board of Directors is a program that connects current FIRST students with the FIRST Board of Directors to help grow the mission of KY FIRST Robotics and involve students in that process. The Student Board of Directors (SBOD) ensures that the students have a voice in the long-term mission, objectives, and goals of KY FIRST Robotics. The board is made up of current high school students in FIRST programs, as well as middle school students who do not have a high school program available to them. 

This is a very exciting addition to our program here in KY! KY FIRST Robotics is committed to providing growth opportunities for students.  The organization is centered on supporting and raising these students to their technical, professional, and personal potential.  FIRST students are passionate, bright, and have so much to offer.  They have invaluable insight on serving them and their peers better and are just as committed to advocating for more students to have the same opportunities that have given them a chance to grow and learn.  KY FIRST is devoted to amplifying our student’s voices, and the main vessel connecting the students to our organization will be the Student Board of Directors or SBOD.   

What is the Student Board of Directors (SBOD)?


Now Accepting Student Board of Director Applications!

Current high school FTC & FRC students may apply to the Student Board of Directors, and middle school FLL & FTC students may apply to the Junior Student Board of Directors. All applicants will use the link below. Before applying, should should read through the Guidelines and what it means to be on the student board of directors here.

SBOD Committees/Teams

We need the help of students for several different committees, some of which we may not know yet – as we want your input as well! Here are some of the knowns: 

  • Student media team to help us build out our photos and videos from events and help us with social media. 

  • Student Ambassadors to help us promote FIRST programs to industry partners, Universities, and our local and state governments.  

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion team to help recruit and support students from all backgrounds. This team will help us understand the needs of our diverse community of students. 

  • Growth and retention committee to help make robotics more accessible by providing support and help make FIRST loud in their communities and throughout the state. 

  • Your ideas here! 

Current Student Board of Directors

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